I originally began this blog as a means to gain interest, at least, in the LGBT community while incarcerated. Humanize us a little in hopes that we would no longer be viewed as refuse, trash that has been thrown away. I wanted to try and involve people more so that they would realize that a little love goes a long ways in a sober mind.

In addition, I was working on equality for incarcerated LGBT people. I was/am doing this by getting us recognized as a culture (an important step because if its celebrated like other cultures i.e. black history month, Latin american month etc, then it is harder to justify punitive actions for LGBT people). I also developed an LGBT Peer Support System that is almost in place, not quite, but almost. 

I feel like every time I help someone in here a small piece of the old me dies and I discover a newer better me. But my goals are bigger then just in here. I know that more can be done and I will do just that. I want to change the world. 
I know that before I committed my crime I was engaged in risky behaviors. Things that I could recognize in almost anyone who does them. I also know that had someone provided a means of help without fear of losing everything, I might have engaged and been able to prevent needless victimization. I want to take this approach with people. I want to create peer support systems in which people will be able to talk about their risky behaviors without judgement or fear of ruining their life. The idea is to prevent victims, not manage them. Why manage victims when I think we can prevent them? Get the idea? Government agencies like CPS and DSHS and local police departments have been villianized. People do not feel comfortable talking freely with agencies like these because they are afraid of being villianized themselves. 

I want to create a place that can be that safe area for them to reduce their risks. Maybe by creating a platform that is non judgemental we can help the guy before he molests a child, or the prostitute before she overdoses in front of her children. I know many of the warning signs and just being able to identify with someone and tell them you know how to help is sometimes enough to change their lives. Its possible and if it helps at all I want to do it. In fact, I’m going to even if no one else believes in it. 

Doing things that aren’t done already often requires thick skin and perseverance. If it were easy it would have been done already.

Help me change the world!

With Love
Jeff Utnage