A love letter to one who knows me not.

It is strange to love someone whom you have never met.
Just the idea of loving them almost creates the sensation of form in ones arms, as if love itself has arms with which to hold us.
Perhaps the certainty that you could love them into eternity and beyond is enough to create an alternate world within your heart.
Who is to say such a world is not a reality?
Certainly it feels real to me.
Warmth is there holding at bay the cold loneliness of the night.
It took countless billions of years to bring this person to this place at this time and we all owe the birth of each breath to the deaths of countless stars.
To know the possibility of love for another is a miracle transcending the absence of the loved in your life or even their knowing you exist.
All the pain and horrors that have haunted my life and the lives of everyone who has ever clung to love pales in comparison to the presence of you in my heart.
Knowing you are, that you exist in this world, whether in my arms or not, I can forgive the universe anything.
As radiant as the stars that formed us, you light the night within my heart.

By: James Cody Goodwin #764730. M.S.U. T.R.U. D-Unit.