I’ve made a lot of bad choices over the years. I spend exorbitant quantities of time mulling over the consequences too.

But not today. Today I am going to spend a few minutes, just a few, precious and graceful moments congratulating myself on one good decision. Look, I’ve made a bunch of good decisions over the past 8 years. Some make me feel better than others, but not many have made me feel grounded, secure.

Today, I’m congratulating myself for having the strength to admit I’m trans. I did it a few months ago now, but today, right this second I know for sure it feels right. Not only does it feel right, my name is right too, Ruth. I am a Ruth.

Nobody else is quite like me nor am I like them, I am unique, I am me.

World and past be damned, old family can hate me…it doesn’t bother me today. No ma’am, today, I’m strong enough to turn my back on all of them and just face tomorrow and rejoice in right now.

All I hear is congratulations.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruthie Utnage