Pretty happy right now, I have just received an algebra book, thanks to those who helped!

Math is a tool I use for self soothing during stress. Some people untie knots on a small piece of string, some rub a smooth rock or squeeze a stress ball. I do math. Not complicated stuff, simple stuff, like turning decimals to fractions or fractions to percentages.

Besides helping me remain calm and focused on my future, my new Algebra books will help me prepare for college in 5 1/2 months, yay!

With Love

(p.s. did you know that 219 is a composite, not a prime. I figured that out in my head by removing the 9 so that number looked as such: 210 plus 9. 9 is divisible by 3, so is 210. 210 can be divided by 70. So, we add 70 and 3 and we have 219 equals 73 * 3 (sorry, our email system won’t allow plus signs or equal signs to go through the email, apparently plus signs and equal signs make the community “unsafe”, for some reason…can someone say SERIOUS MATH ANXIETY!!))