Yes, I may be in prison, but I possess a limitless freedom to choose what I think about. I am continuously creating healthy and positive conditions for my everyday life here in prison. Waking up at 4:30am, I start my day with a giant smile and a cold glass of water. I look for every opportunity to say thank you to others, including myself.

I spend time reading, writing, and applying fresh ideas by pumping the bellows of my inner creative fire. One of the notes to self hanging from my cork board: Desire what reputation you want ten years from now, and then grow to fit it one element at a time. Build your reputation intentionally!

Written on my mirror in Purple w/ Black boarder: I Am A Uniquely Gifted UW Student.

Nothing can ultimately confine or limit you. New thoughts create new conditions. Happy high-five Friday everyone!

Love with laughter,
Marshall Byers