“…(they) describe results of research conducted by neuroscientists from the U.S. and Australia. Using functional MRI scans, the researchers observed that the brain has a dramatic reaction correlating to either the presence or absence of human connections.
Warm, supportive and enjoyable connections cause the brain to be flooded with the stress-reducing neurotransmitter dopamine. In the absence of connections, the brain’s pain center, the anterior-cingulate cortex, was noticeably more active. Stress has been shown to adversely affect digestive function, coronary arteries, insulin regulations and the immune system. In short, connections make us feel better, and disconnection hurts.”
-Building Meaningful Connections by Maureen Zappala
for Toastmaster Magazine June 2019

Over the years since my incarceration, I’ve noticed how negatively impacted inmates become from not being connected. I’ve seen countless cases of diabetes, GI issues and folks who are generally, continuously ill. After many years, people forget how to be connected. And I get it, its prison. Its punishment. But 97% of people in prison, leave prisons. Let them leave better, not confused and stressed. Being connected to the world beyond prison is crucial in that. Community support is important in a person’s rehabilitation and success.

So get involved. If you’ve never volunteered anywhere, try the local lockup. Or drop a line to someone inside a jail or prison. Drop ME a line. I promise a positive response and a changed view of me and those like me. Give it a try. Get connected and help the healing. You would be doing your community some good. And you’d be doing the incarcerated something wonderful…

by Rory Andes

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