I played football in school. It wasn’t a bad thing. I liked the comaraderie and the joy of winning. I also shared in the heartache of losing. I actually like football as a sport.

But, I have some serious issues with the players and the fans of football. I know men that can list hundreds of players and their stats but can’t tell you who’s the Governor of their state. They can tell you how many times each team has been to the Superbowl but consistently forget anniversaries and birthdays. They’ll spend their money on fantasy football leagues and go without food to do so, then go to the food bank to supplement themselves. That’s just the fans.

Now we have players who have made millions off of an AMERICAN past time. To be perfectly honest with you anybody who’s made millions in America, whether you be an athlete or business owner, and you complain about this place?? Excuse me while I bleed purple piss for you. You can take your MILLIONS and take your ass to some other country and guess what? Football will be better without your whiny kneeling ass on the sidelines pissing on the ONLY country that would pay you a ridiculous amount of money to throw leather.

I know life must be tough for you guys, after your game you get into your Bentley’s, or if your a poor athlete your Mercedes, drive home to your mansions where all your bills are paid and one of your biggest worries is whether or not your personal chef got you latest diet changes. For the improvement of the game, of course. How very patriotic of you, thank you. 

This is in fact the true American attitude to have everything and still hate where you got it. Then to believe that you deserve even more from that which you hate because you tolerate their shortcomings as a nation. A nation that made you filthy rich while just 10 miles from where you made your millions there are literally starving families. 
Go ahead and take a knee, while your down there, pray. Pray that everyone your pissing on and taking for granted forgives you. 

To be honest, I’m boycotting football this year and every year that any player is allowed to play while behaving so child like. Football has lost a fan this season and I don’t think I will ever view it the same again. Everyone knows that those who have the money, have this countries power. They get away with murder, sometimes literally. Then they protest the very system that made them. How sad.

Football is fueled by fans and now, money. I just don’t need the stress, the players and stats have taken the fun and exhileration right out of the game.

With Love
Jeff Utnage