This is for all my gurls, my queens, my princesses, and femmes. 

How many men have tried to tame our hearts? Settle our minds between their palms, expecting submission. Not just ciswomen experience this anymore. Now gay and bi men, drag queens, and trans folk everywhere have become the prey of masculine conquest. Our predecessors were raised on secret rendezvous, extramarital agendas, and the fallacy that they were responsible for another’s desires.

However, ladies and gents, like anything hot – touch fire and you will get burned. 

Men should learn their lesson or chalk up their scars to the games they play. The quicker they come the less of a problem I have making them fall. I don’t even catch and release ladies, I break their heart without even letting them surface for air.

God forbid a man take the time to stimulate us like human beings. 

Stand on your icy has been earned.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”