This month saw the departure of another substantial influence in my life. My dear friend Ruth found her way back to the free world to be among the people that love her and, probably just as important, to sink her teeth into the dreams she’s been cooking up. That’s the proper evolution, though… If you make a bad choice, you atone, fix yourself up, realize that the life that led you to prison isn’t a forever reality, and make something amazing out of it. And in doing the hard work to turn her life around, Ruth has been an inspiration to so many, me included.

It’s in the farewell to departing friends that brings each of us left behind a little closer to the end of our family seperations. But there’s always an interesting twist along the way when you go through a life change together… It’s a bond, like soldiers in battle, or family in tough times. This year I watched Marshall, and now Ruth, get on to enjoy the fruits of the work they put into themselves and both have unbridled potential. My turn to go is a lot closer than the start of my sentence and soon, I’ll be able to enjoy these amazing people in the free world, basking in the successes we’ve had and pulling the next one from the cave to start a better life, also. So, farewell dear Ruth. The world is waiting for everything you have to offer! The world is waiting for all of us who took this time seriously…

by Rory Andes

Family is what you make it…

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