The words “domestic terrorism” seems to link most American minds to the extremists harbored on a compound in the woods, somewhere in the middle of uncivilized territory. But I have a group that should be put on domestic terrorism status that live in almost every city across America. Gangs. Gang violence is a scourge throughout our society, impacting every American, and when they become incarcerated for selling drugs to your family and murdering your neighbor, they come to prison and proliferate. Some have faced federal charges and get long sentences, but they still just do what they’ve always done… destroy someone else’s community. Whether it be directing street level activities via telephone, or ensuring violence in prisons, gangs don’t stop the behaviors. But what if?

If they could be classified as domestic terrorists (because they are), perhaps a more hard line solution could be implemented to stop the community destruction that they impose. Every day, news reports across America tell the story of innocents being killed or victimized by groups of street thugs operating under a common banner. Crips, Bloods, Sureño, Norteño, Aryan groups, Cartels of all varieties, put all their asses on a domestic terrorism list and treat them in accordance to the terror they inflict on their communities. Or, we can do what we’ve always done and lose more unsuspecting people to drugs and violence, unchecked by a society that sure as fuck knows better than to let it perpetuate…

by Rory Andes

If you care about your community, infuse values back into it…

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