In moments of solitude the strange and utter mystery of crushing pain in the chest area from feelings of deep regret, loss, nostalgia or longing for??? I’ve been hit by a car, fell from a roof top and wrecked dirt bike’s at high speed, but never have I felt pain like I’m experiencing now. Where does it come from, and what exactly is happening inside?

It could be a song on the radio, movies , a certain smell, and one of the zillions of thoughts that just pop up through out the day that cause this strange physical pain. The only thing thats somewhat comparable to this acute pain is jumping off bridges and cliffs. Although Jumping from high places is nothing short of thrilling, and I welcome this strange feeling, It only last for a moment while falling then dissipates hitting the water.

What purpose does it serve ? I’m guessing the pain is a friendly reminder of what matters most to you, kind of like a value meter. Maybe this feeling compels us to reach out to loved ones, take better care of ourselves and to be more compassionate overall?

I’m going out of my way today to say hello to the grumpy inmates……..there’s no shortage of them around here. I will be more understanding as well, for I know that everyone has their own struggles that I know nothing about.

Marshall Byers
for www.lgbtqprisonsupport. com