I recently read a wonderfully crafted piece of literature titled “Dispatches from Ray’s Planet: A Journey through Autism” by Claire Finlayson. In it, Claire documents the exploration of her brother’s life long travels of being on the autism spectrum in a remarkably creative way… their email correspondence. Understanding her brother, Ray, and helping the reader to understand him is one of the best expressions of love I’ve been able to witness. This book is that expression.

From the way Ray sees the world to the way Claire figures him out, the writing is a peek into the struggles (and sometimes complete lack of struggle) of those on the autism spectrum. Sometimes called Asperger Syndrome, sometimes called Autism Spectrum Disorder, we find out how Ray engages the world in a way many of us might even find ourselves envious of. I was introduced to the game… “Goongbalong”… one where neurotypical types, the everyday folk, fumble through social engagements without really knowing what messages are being sent or received. Ray explains in his own messages how the inability to say what you mean is an irritant. And I found him being absolutely correct in so many ways!

From his profession as a letter carrier for the Canada Post, to his tutoring of math to students who lack the confidence, Ray is a remarkable human being in every way. Claire shows the beautiful layers of her amazing brother in this loving tribute to him. And for those who suffer their own math anxieties, consider the guy who’s appeared to be the square peg operating in round social spaces for over six decades. I promise after reading this book, being bold enough to be yourself (and a little studying) is the cure to those insecurities. Thanks to Claire Finlayson for sharing her wonderful brother with the world and for taking the reader on a insightful journey through Ray’s Planet.

by Rory Andes

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