I find it interesting that just 6 months ago I was so busy that I prayed to God for relief. I had to much on my plate. Now here I am with only personal projects to attend to.

It is curious how if I do not have something to work towards (that I actually care about) my anxiety rises and so does depression. I do not think I am unique in that though. It is not a prisoner thing or a man thing. It is a people thing.

We all need to do something we are good at. We develop skills in our lives that we need to use for mental health reasons more than financial reasoning. We have to be useful. When we feel useless it becomes challenging to find reasons to be happy.

Depression is hard. However, in my case, I know that it is my own personal indicator that I need to get busy. I work best when I am overwhelmed. As certain deadlines approach I perform my best.

Finding use for yourself is as easy as engaging in something, anything. Seriously, what do you care about? I
Do, you see the news and get saddened when you see the hungry kid commercials? Then go and volunteer at a shelter or food bank, they literally need people like you all day!!! What about animals, there is animal shelters. What about LGBT people? Or Civil rights?

There are committees and boards all over the place that need someone who actually cares. You. You are needed. You with your big, caring, carefully concealed heart. Unbury it, show it off. It may be just what you need to be at your best.

With Love
Jeff Utnage