Let me start by saying that when you hire me, you’ve added a layer of commitment to your staffing. When you have someone call in sick or needs the time for a personal day, I’m going to pick up the slack. That’s what I do and I’m proud of the way I do it. Its not because I have some agenda or self serving idea, its simply that I’m empathetic to the needs of both my coworkers and my duties. I like to be wanted in that capacity because it helps me build my brand of humanity. Shared commitment to what we do, commitment to the ones we do it with, one team, one fight.

Something else I promise to add to your organization is a calm, friendly personality. I believe people feel comfortable around me. I don’t judge, I don’t criticize. I encourage the best I can and I smile doing it. Sometimes it may be confusing to some, “Why’s that guy always so happy?” After a hopeless decade of domestic emotional abuse, a resilient decade of Army service with two tours of combat in Iraq, and a redefining decade in prison helping change attitudes including my own, I promise you that no situation and no one in your company can be so uncomfortable that I can’t smile. Again, its part of my brand. The friendly guy who believes in the power of people. Your people. OUR people.

Lastly, you’ll want me because I can help make your vision come to life. I don’t want to work a job, I want to build a relationship with the organization’s mission in mind. I’m organized and intelligent. I can labor as needed and I promise you that if you let me in on the big picture, I’m good at supporting big ideas also. I can troubleshoot problems and invent solutions. And I can do this because being in prisons and war zones have made me inventive where resources are slim. I’ll be a game changer which is also part of my personal brand. I want to do great things with a team. Your vision with a team. OUR team.

Most importantly I have hope in what WE do. I have it because I spent a long time without it and I know the value of hope. Hope becomes goals, goals become plans and plans become executable actions that carry us far beyond our dreams. What do you say, think I’m what you want on the team? Better yet, when do I start?

by Rory Andes

See the Human Me, because my humanity exists.

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