Everyday I wake up and smile because I get to make such a big difference in many lives around the world by making Days for girls bags/kits.

Meeting our volunteer for the first time here in our Community Aide Coalition sewing room was very inspiring and heart warming. She is a true sweetheart and absolute treasure.

“Days for Girls is bringing freedom and opportunity to women and girls around the world. Our vision is to break the silence surrounding menstruation by changing the narrative from shame and embarrassment to one of dignity and celebration. With our local partners, more girls and women are starting Days for Girls micro business, teaching health education, and receiving awesome washable kits.”

Learning this new skill and being involved in something so special helps me to recognize the personal growth, and maturity in my life, and that giving back is one of my core values. Its empowering to know that giving back in a small way can help change the direction in someones life creating opportunities for success on the other side of the world.

Marshall Byers
for www.lgbtqprisonsupport. com