As of late, the place I’m housed in has turned into garbage. It’s been a den of mismanaged inmates. Without fail, every evening someone blares music using audio equipment in an unauthorized manner, the gambling tables are always open and tensions from the mounting debts spill over into hostilities, and the noise level is off the charts from all the yelling at the TV over football games and slamming of dominoes in the day rooms. Those inmates who feel entitled bully staff and nobody says shit about it. Any “correction” attempted over the PA system is met with someone screaming, “Go f*ck yourself!!” Nothing said. Crickets…

It wasn’t always like this. As a matter of fact, just three years ago or so it was quite different. Rules were enforced and punishments handed down. Now, if you sell drugs (who knows how the hell they get in) or brew your own alcohol or tattoo, no big deal. If you cut in lines, disregard others, or disrupt the entire environment, who cares. It’s massively mismanaged and it wasn’t always this way. One could say, “If you don’t like it, don’t go to prison…” to which I’d say you were extraordinarily short sighted. You see, a level of discipline is how society operates and if it hasn’t been enforced in the home and now isn’t enforced in here, where are people going to learn it? Do you really want to dump all your tax money into a failed system?

It’s dangerous to operate a prison living unit without rules. More over, we house dogs here for service dog training (for those inmates who take their rehabilitation seriously) and all the goddamned incessant noise has to suck for the animals. When discipline and good order were in place, this was a fairly decent place to reclaim your life. Now, we are mismanaged by those that see this as a paycheck and not an opportunity to change society for the better. But, at least they have Covid to blame for their job security. Bring on the recidivism…

by Rory Andes

Expect more from your government, especially prisons…

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