I am responsible for the bad I have done and the good I will do.

When we hurt someone we hurt the community they are in and even beyond. The waves go on seemingly forever leaving those impacted to bobble like buoys in the ocean tide we created. This is something many prisoners understand acutely. Intimately.

How do we wrap our heads around redemption? How do we move on? For some the impacts of our actions are permanent, leaving scars and torrents of pain.

Something I have to do is learn to move on. Move on from the trauma I caused and the trauma inflicted on me long before any of my actions. I have learned to accept and love myself and it is surprisingly difficult to move on with life. I want to stay in the moment with my past and try to make things ‘right’.

But that may not be possible. I have to consider that moving on with an understanding that those I’ve impacted may not. Who am I to ask that anyway? I am not even considering that, to be honest. So here I go, finally starting to move on with the remainder of my life.

From this body came bad. From this body has come and will continue to produce good. I am responsible for the bad I have done and the good I will do. It is my duty to produce as much good from so much bad. Maybe that’s not others redemption, but that’s mine. That’s my responsibility. My joy.

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With Love