Think creating a winning strategy is hard? Let me help you think of strategy a little different.

On the surface strategy, in general, has unlimited options. But when we go just below the surface we see that ‘strategy’ as a subject is built upon some easier to grasp principles. While we won’t go into all of that here ( feel free to contact me for a deeper discussion, we will visit some. So let’s dive just below the surface.
First, understand strategy can be applied to nearly any situation. Doing the dishes, driving, marketing, studying, business acquisitions, and war to name a few. But no matter what situation you apply strategy to you can choose some basic tactics to tackle some problem. Strategy solves problems. That’s lesson one, strategy solves problems.
Lesson two is understanding what you want your outcome to be. What does success actually look like?
Lesson three is polarization. Divide strategy into 2 parts that oppose one another. Offensive and defensive. No matter what problem you want to solve you can take an offensive or (and sometimes you can apply both an offensive and defensive strategy) a defensive approach. So choose which one might be wisest, which one will lead to your expected outcome.
Let’s stop there and use an example. Let’s use doing the dishes. First, the problem is the dishes keep piling up. Second, what’s our ideal outcome? In my case it’s I don’t want the dishes to be so overwhelming. Now I polarize. Do I want to take a defensive approach or offensive? Defensive could be I eat out, just avoid dishes altogether. Offensive could be I do dishes as I go. In this case I’ll choose to do my dishes as I go that way it best solves my problem directly.
Try not to get too wrapped up in the millions of possible strategy options available. Instead, go just a bit deeper and eliminate many of the choices and make the task of problem solving less daunting and more exciting. 
For me, developing a strategy is one of the finest and most invigorating experiences available. That’s just me though. Of course, you can always get help for this task. Which, is in and of itself a strategy! So even when you don’t know it you are still a strategic thinker! 
Feel free to hit me up with any questions! Now that I’m free from incarceration I can respond much more dynamically and help you directly.
Until next time…
With Love
Ruth Utnage