Recently, through a court ruling, some select inmates received the economic stimulus intended for relief of the Covid pandemic. While this has been a hotly debated topic among the free world, some inside have received their checks anyway… and they definitely intended on stimulating their fair share of the prison economy. Because what people in prison can purchase is very limited, to have the most expensive item available holds status for those that, through a lack of community respect, require a dominant status in prison. Here, one of those items are electronic piano keyboards… and with their status comes the obnoxious and unauthorized use of them as a loud stereo to play radios on. They become a neighborhood menace used to audibly torment an entire cell block. Sleep is eliminated, peace of mind is eliminated, the social betterment is erased entirely…

None of this is allowed, yet it’s happening at a prolific rate right now. Unit rules and department policies are only as good as the enforcement of such. When someone gets fed up with hearing loud music that they shouldn’t have to, much like a real community, you should have the right to file a complaint with the authorities. And here they do, also. But as of recently, when someone files the complaint, the authorities have singled out the protestor among the music listening offenders. It creates hostile environments and adds another element to the building powder keg of explosive tensions. All for no good reason, I might add. If 75 people can hear the music, one officer can as well. I wish they would keep in mind what policies need to be enforced and protect the people that have to suffer at the hands of others who could care less about a community… either yours or ours.

by Rory Andes

The department’s name includes the word “corrections”. Try it…

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