Covid and Prisons Don’t Mix…

It seems that no matter how much you mask, social distance, or vaccinate, Covid and prisons simply don’t mix. Unless of course there might be some funding to get from it. Our prison has been in an outbreak status for a few weeks now. Each day comes with new levels of tyrannical and arbitrary rules. There is no following science, just the money. Instead of approaching things with a patient care perspective, this prison has turned it into a punitive perspective. How dare we make the keeper’s job difficult by needing to be protected within reason. For that, we must pay. I live among 70 other people on my block and we’ve been tested five times in three weeks, all negative. Yet, the rules ramp up and we’ve been segregated from each other for 23 hours a day. That’s right, we’re only allowed out one, maybe two, hours a day, 15 people at a time. No visits, no work, fresh air only 50 minutes every two days, and certainly no mental health intervention… just hours of lockdown. The cure is much worse than the disease and it’s showing, all for a disease we can’t bring in (because we can’t get out).

I really take issue with the arbitrariness of it all. As a matter of staff convenience, rules will be bent and broken. Hell, they don’t want to serve the meals, so the inmates do. The same inmates we’re segregated from 23 hours a day because we can’t be around them. Or the collection of inmates that get to mingle out of their cells all day because they “clean”. We need clean. It keeps the virus away. But what we don’t need is a free reign of the chosen ones who take advantage of the staff apathy and are available to infect everyone when they come out. It’s all or nothing. Viruses don’t pick and choose because someone’s a worker. Viruses don’t pick and choose because it’s dinner time. So, if it isn’t worth following 100% of the science, leave us alone and allow us to regain some sanity. If the department is looking for funding, don’t do it at the expense of my mental health…

by Rory Andes

Arbitrary rules that are nonsensical and aren’t enforced, aren’t really rules…

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