I’ve been hearing about this effort to locate the origins of the covid-19 virus and that the main suspect is a Chinese lab. Okay. Let me break down how I’m viewing this…

Let’s say it was that lab in China. China is a communist country, everything belongs to the Chinese government, including that lab. Are you with me so far?

So, let’s say our expensive (because they sure ain’t doing it for free) little task force finds irrefutable facts that this Chinese lab did it and they did it *on purpose*.

Then what? We get really mad at China? We…what? Send them a nasty letter? Tariff them? Excommunicate them from the cool kids club? Nuke them? Bash on them at the next global leadership summit? Seriously, what are we gonna do? Because we’re not going to go to war over this, what sense would that make? Millions of lives lost and the payback is millions more lives lost? I mean, is President Biden gonna not call China for 2 years, put them on a good ole’ fashion American time out?

“Go stand in the corner China, I’m very disappointed in you!”

We have all been deeply impacted by Covid-19 and understanding where it came from so we can learn how to prevent it in the future, that’s a good thing, especially if it was manufactured. But doing it so we have a donkey to pin the blame tail on…nah, I’m cool.


With Love