Here in our lovely, exclusive gated neighborhood on the hill, some of us are lucky enough to have picturesque lakefront property. Actually, it’s really only a man-made wetland from a leaky pipe that is leaking and has created a pool of water that won’t dry up. The reason I write about this watering hole is because of the special visitors that use it daily.

Every morning, I am awoken by the calls of three to four crows, hanging out, and having breakfast. Two of them seem to be just a bit bigger than the other two, so I assume that they are the youngster to Mom and Dad. What also gives me this clue is that the two little ones yell at the others to feed them when they already have their mouth full with food of their own. I can totally see me in these selfish, and yet intelligent birds. 

Next to visit will be the swarms of little ones, including brown birds with yellow beaks, don’t know their name, and also chickadees. These ones and their friends love to use the pools as baths. I love to watch them wade into the water, and do their little shake, shake, wiggle, wiggle dance to wash themselves. It may sound boring but its just really interesting to watch these group of birds hand in flocks, take turn washing themselves and taking off to dry themselves on the nearby fences. I always wondered why people bought birdbaths, but now I can see the attraction.

The coolest visitors have been the three mallard ducks, that were here when I first arrived in the spring. They would hang out and sun themselves in the heat of the day, and take off promptly when it got dark and was count time.

Biophelia is our connection to nature and other living things, keeping us focused and in the moment, which is healthier than dwelling on the past or dreading the future. Seeing these birds helps remind me that life is precious and blessed, and like those birds, one day I’ll fly over these fences and be free.

Until then, thanks for reading!

That Guy!