If you’ve read anything I write, I hope you walk away with a sense of the story… The “Story” is that thing at the heart of the information I try and present. I’m not the best storyteller, per se, but I like to connect to the person or situation though the story (I like to connect to my own sense of self this way, too). It carries emotion and hope and life. In my words, I try to convey an element of SOMETHING that you might identify with. On the best of days, you leave a comment. I only know those parts of the story on occasion, but I never read a single word. I can’t. But I love you for reading. It’s powerful and I’ve written more stories because I know you exist. But, I want to know you and your stories. Please write me directly and let’s converse over the power you might feel about the stories we can tell. More over, please connect to the human in me. You’re important beyond words…

by Rory Andes

Alone is an untold story. I’ve not told so many…

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 Reposted from Nov 30, 2020