Conservatives Consistently Miss Opportunities…

by Rory Andes

When it comes to the conservatives’ right leaning views on the criminal justice system, they consistently miss opportunities to be true to the values that they preach. They want safer communities (we all do), but refuse to make the governmental systems that manage it more accountable and cost effective. They want tough on crime thinking, while they go to church talking about faith and forgiveness. They want to treat those that commit crimes like subhumans, yet boast about their own humanity. They want victims to be heard, but fail to listen to the years of abuse that many perpetrators experience prior to their own crimes. Then, they look down their noses in judgement and have the gall to sidestep their own errant behavior (I hate to poke the bear on this, but most white supremesists would see themselves as conservatives in some fashion).

If you identify yourself as a conservative, realize that within the walls of prisons, when people take their rehabilitation seriously, it matches the values you say you appreciate. You can’t just blanket “all criminals” the way many pundits do as society’s undesirables. There’s certainly nothing of faith and forgiveness in that. If you’re an angry conservative about bail reform and crime waves, hold the system accountable while acknowledging criminals’ humanities (and God given rights). There are systems available to evaluate the success of someone’s rehabilitation, so use them and use them appropriately.

All people fall from grace at some point.They do. According to most monotheistic faiths, they will. They were born into sin, correct? Many of those who became enlightened in prison want safe communities, improved rehabilitation, and a cost effective approach. And many get this way from years of working on their own redemption. Faith and visiting clergy even play a role, so why is the right so quick to badmouth an inmate? I’m sure the tide will change more and more when those felons that are taxed have a better say in the voting process. But for now, dear conservatives, try to apply your values and treat the incarcerated as your fellow man (unless you’re just full of it, in which case, keep doing what you’ve been doing).

by Rory Andes

Practice what you preach…

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