Now that I have graduated with Honors with my Associates Degree, I have applied to the next portion of my educational goal, Computer Programming. This program is offered in partnership with Edmonds Community College and the nonprofit Unloop.

This program teaches us Java Script with some CSS, REACT, and HTML. Now, why write about it?

Because I am being interviewed for 1 of 18 positions, there are around 30 interviewees and I am holy hell nervous. In fact, my stomach is doing flips and I still have two additional phases to go, besides the initial phase I had today.

This is so vital to my career goals, I cannot even express it good enough. My dream is to take this site and go international with it, hosting thousands of inmate writers and interaction with millions of viewers. That’s the goal. However, I need a platform to do so and programmers and coders are expensive. So, I’ll learn it myself, then I’ll design it myself.

I have a lot riding on this and getting into the class is super competitive.

Agh! Wish me good luck and send me positive vibes y’all!!!!

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle” Utnage