A friend of mine, someone I did time with, told me once that he wanted to go to the tallest building in Seattle and shout from the rooftop “I am success in the flesh!”

That dream, no, goal, resonated with me so profoundly that I asked if I could go with him. Then another of our friends, Marshall, liked it too and he asked to join. Now, at night when I think about my future I dream about the day when I am in a business suit, complete with pencil skirt, heels and a blazer worried about my hair being whipped around by the winds and I get to stand at the top of that building and shout out 38 years of hopes and dreams wrapped up in one defiant pledge that I hope all of Washington hears:


It’s not just a goal or dream that I think about doing with my friends, my timebound comrades- it’s a declaration. Its a warning to not doubt me because whoever does will eat their words. It’s a declaration that says I have arrived and I’m about to handle my business, this little thing called life and I’m about to enjoy every step I make from this point forward and nobody or nothing is gonna stop me.

Here’s to friends that don’t give up on each other and love each other enough to answer the phone. To family who does not share blood but a spiritual bond that only something supernatural can create because God knows we fought like hell to avoid it. Here’s to the journey we pledged ourselves and all the gooey stuff we experience along the way.

And here’s to the strangers, who I will come to know so well and who will come to know me. Even though I have not met you, I’m on my way and I can’t wait to share life with each and every one of you.

With Love