You know that special feeling inside, the one that fills your whole body with vibrations after you see someone you love so deeply, or when you read something so exciting and personal, you start to tear up because joy overwhelms you. What about receiving a hug by your favorite person in the world. Touching movies, music or a beautiful sunset?

I had a profound experience that had me intoxicated and closer to love, I mean so close it’s now burned in my memory, like a brain tattoo. It left me feeling light as a spiderweb, or more like Christmas tree tensile. Each time I refect on this moment, some wow factor kicks in, love packed so tight, and when it unfolds, my body starts to tingle. At any given moment, when I need a boost or giant shot of pure love, this memory uncorks itself, like a message in a bottle. Or better yet, a hot plate of strawberry pancakes, with a large shot of whip cream (insert sound effects here).

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