No punch line here, just a lunch line. We get creative in prison such limited resources. Things like a chocolate cake for a birthday are non existent, or are they? Let me tell you how we (well, some of us, I’m like the prison version of Betty Crocker) make chocolate cake in prison without raw ingredients and no ovens.

What we use:

1 lb of chocolate creme cookies
10 oz of sparkling water or 7-up (sparkling water works best)
Microwaveable bowl and perhaps a little butter to grease the bowl

-Crush the cookies until there are no chunks, as fine as possible. Leave the creme filling inside the cookies.
-Add 10 ounces of sparkling water and mix well
-Pour into bowl, microwave for 5 minutes rotating every 2 minutes unless it spins on its own.

Remove from bowl and let cool, decorate how you’d like! I like to make double and triple layer cakes and frost them to blow peoples minds.

A friend of mine made a chocolate cake with crushed almonds and peanuts throughout, omg, so good. These cakes fluff up and stay moist, add a little flare of your own maybe some M and M’s on top or some simple frosting. Yum!

With Love

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