This week, a friend of mine, Kristina, got me hip to a concept that has been really clawing at my mind. She attends a program called A Course In Miracles and she often shares these incredibly deep topics and perspectives with me. One that really grabbed me this week was the “Cherished Grievance”, it’s the pain, anger, adversity, or any other negative emotion that we simply are unwilling to let go of. In the course of one’s life, how much of our hearts and minds are wasted on these types of grievances?

In prison, I see it everyday, however I didn’t have such a great label to put on it. I carry a few of these as well. I see guys who have been beaten by a father, or neglected by a mother, or betrayed, abused and abandoned by someone or something and they think these elements define them. They won’t let them go. They are cherished… But what if we let go of the things that hurt us? What if we become victors over our adversities and set aside our inner victims? How much more fulfilled could we all be? While it’s true that we learn from all things good and bad, it makes so much sense to let go of the parts of our emotions that poison our souls. Let’s start living fuller lives by retiring those cherished grievances… Who’s with me?

by Rory Andes

Bury the hatchet on the things we can let go of.

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