Buy $25 of Shiba-Inu and Let’s Make Some Money For Christmas!

Listen, Doge coin surged to over $.01 because a bunch of people bought in and made some serious money. We have that same opportunity with Shiba-Inu because it’s still at $.00007 as of 11/2/21.

Get $25 worth now and if enough people do it we can all make a little money for Christmas. It could be seriously worth your time. Here’s some math:

For $25 you will get
357142.857 Shiba-Inu coins ( if you buy around its current price of $.00007 per coin )

If we get the price of Shiba-Inu to $.01, your 357142.857 Shiba coins will be worth $3571.42.

Where could you use that money? Christmas gifts? Mortgage payment? Student loans? Car repairs? Vacation?

It happened with Doge Coin, it can happen with Shiba-Inu. But we need each other.

Share, share, share!!

With Love
Ruth Utnage