Glennon Doyle’s “Untamed: stop pleasing and start living” has been one of those books that will forever change how I view myself and how I view the world through myself.

If you read what I write regularly you already know I quote this book frequently. It has become an integral role in my therapy, a discussion point between my partner and I, and a way for me to begin defining what it means to be a woman.

I read this book slow. On purpose. It has fast chapters and each one is relatable. Doyle is an expert at teaching vulnerability through example. She fillet’s open her life in such a way that commands respect but also makes me think about my life in my own unique light. Then, she makes it okay to talk about it.

I recommend this for everyone to read, men especially, not so that you understand women better, but so you understand yourself better.

Powerful words are held between the covers of Untamed: stop pleasing and start living. I am definitely a better human because I read it.

With Love

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