One of the most successful inventions that I have seen created for society have been benevolent organizations dedicated to the service of the community by like minded people. As a kid, my parents were involved with the Elks and the organization always had an iron in the fire about some work to be done for the less fortunate. I remember my dad involved in charitable drives for children with disabilities. They had their own hall, their lodge, and the families of the members collected on holidays and weekends for other service work. This is repeated in more familiar terms for me with groups like the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars, service workers with a common background who are mutually supportive… What if?

What if an organization existed dedicated to those who took their greatest failures and turned them into powerful strengths, those who are such active criminal desistors with a background of being justice involved, that their service work is the honor of the communities they exist in? People that worked their hardest, turned their whole lives around, and give it all back as a benevolent service among like minded people… To me, this would be a way to embraced, then debunk, the scarlet letter that exists for felons and it would be what’s right for the community. I envision an organization charter that doesn’t tolerate backsliding, helps correct it, and celebrates success. One that makes the world a better place through inspiring service by supporting and contributing to the organization’s members and the community. An act of benevolence. What if? And if I’m on to something, share a thought about it…

by Rory Andes

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