The Best People I Know Are Currently or Formerly Incarcerated


When I left prison in November of this last year I did so with conviction that I was going to make a difference in this world. I wasn’t alone. I made commitments to 4 people, all 3 of which are these amazing people that I wish the whole world knew. 3 of them are currently incarcerated and the 4th is me.


My commitment is to remain in contact with the 3 that are still inside (prison). I am not going to forsake them or forget no matter how much longer they have left, they know that they have a true friend with me. So when they need anything I bend over backwards to make it happen, they have that coming from me. For myself, I made a commitment that I wasn’t going to do anymore harm. Only good. I don’t have everything figured out but I know this, I know that I want to love people and make a whole bunch of connections with people across this globe and even beyond, when possible (then I’ll be the ET phoning home, LOL).


Staying connected to those still inside is highly important because these are good people. They want to make a difference in this world and live their lives extraordinarily. They have a love for life and are so smart. I don’t mean the “Good Will Hunting” smart (although, they are…) but the smart that carries you right into wise and moral high ground. They have integrity, they have grit and most of all they are beautiful human beings. If I could afford to put them on billboards and shout from the rooftops the quality they bring to this world, I would.


That is just a few though. There are so many. I work for an organization called the Prison Mathematics Project. It connects prisoners who are independently studying mathematics with mentors across the world. It is highly impactful and we have many folks who are these beautiful minds that when you get to know them you see this beauty and life that emerges from the darkest of places and the light that shines forth, that’s them, not the outside world shining in but them radiating out.


I wish everyone could see.


With Love

Ruth Utnage