Ever had a near death experience, one that made you appreciate life again? Perhaps something less traumatic then that? I’ve noticed something about trauma for many people I run across, its a source of strength. 

Almost everyone I know has endured some sort of trauma in their life. Whether its loss, war, abuse or something else. In fact, I think everyone I know has. 

I think the need to draw strength from our pains has stemmed from not wanting them to shape us negatively. Not wanting the events in our lives to completely define us in a single way. 

Everyone’s idea of trauma is different. Everyone’s ability to cope with it is even more different. No need to be a psychology expert to know that. There is no cookie cutter way to deal with our wounds. But I find that nearly everyone I talk to wants to be a better person or use it to help better someone. Many want to use their emotional and physical scars to love. Isn’t that something?

I think that’s beautiful. Its tragic the amount of suffering and pain our world is experiencing, but its beautiful to see that so many are trying to love more as a result. 

Maybe I’m just a fool with a pair of filtered lenses seeing what I want to see, but that’s what I see. Funny because before I came to prison all I seen was hate and death and pain. Everyone was an enemy. Now, through my wounds, I am the opposite side of that coin and its stunningly beautiful over here…

With Love
Jeff Utnage