Mental prison is a real thing, and much more powerful that the razor wire that surrounds me in my beautiful gated community. I know.. And the sad thing is, that I *didn’t* know for so long. I call that mediocrity. At least in my life.. living to make it until tomorrow. Always in a rush to get to the next red light, and never pursuing beauty for the risk that it mighty take a few of your “precious” moments. I suppose I don’t believe quite all the way that we live *for* beauty, but it surely needs to be the friend that you run into around every corner. I don’t know what we live for yet, but I know that I want to contribute to the bank of human knowledge, and that beauty is a part of that process. I know that I want to inspire people, because it makes magic in a way, which is also beautiful. I love doing both of these while I do mathematics. That’s how my life has meaning. So I suppose I live to inspire and be inspired. I live as a purveyor and cultivator of beauty, in so many forms. What is our future if we can’t step back and marvel at the beauty of all of the past wonders from the minds of the men and women of whose shoulders we now stand? That’s what I think is amazing. Human achievement