My bared window is about five feet from the ground, from there on lies lush prickly green grass, softly rolling down in a gradual slope where rain water flows to a drainage grate, then up and up climbs a steep hill till it hits chain link fence, then another fence. Razor wire. Sparkling spools silver and sharp. Every so often faded signs hang, some type of rusted warning unreadable from my beautiful new view.

Beyond the watch tower, perimeter fence and our beaming light’s, a mass of land rises into countryside farmland beneath an ocean blue sky. Rolling upland the grassy hillside runs right into a line of gargantuan trees. From my view they look like enormous towering carrots growing out of a garden. Set into the earth below this treeline stands a huge water tank of some sort with a life size capital M painted Orange and Black.

I picture hiking to the top to find vast prairies, wide open spaces, sleepy horseback riding. Maybe even the mysterious uninhabited region from the movie/book “Lonesome Dove”. For all I know at the top of the hill I’ll discover a cosmic patch of shade with an empty hammock swaying in a mid day breeze beckoning my body weigh undeniably breathtaking, I think I’ll take a nap.

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