Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest homo of all?
Me! Of course! Do you know why it says that?

Because I’m stronger than the mirror and it knows better. That’s why.

Self-affirmations are truly that easy, did you know that? Your beautiful because you say you are, it is literally that simple. We simply have to love ourselves enough to say it. The only time your ever gonna face yourself face-to-face is in the mirror. When you do you may as well encourage them just like you would anyone else.

Its only foolish to those that don’t do it. We are not talking narcissistic here, when you are in love with your own image. No we are talking about letting yourself be called good looking or good enough or “Fiiine” or “Daaaaamn you got a booty!” Yeah…all that’s okay too.

Love the person in the mirror the same way you want to be loved.

With Love
Jeff Utnage