The other night I was at a Mongolian Grill called Jasmines with a few friends celebrating our very own Renee’s birthday (Happy Birthday Renee!) and I noticed that everyone at the table, myself included, was on their phone. It was an eye opening experience because when you’re in prison you don’t have the option to be on a phone while you eat dinner with whoever you’re eating with. It was also something I was made aware was going to happen and I was adamant that I wasn’t going to participate in it.

Damn it.

The moment wasn’t lost on any of us, especially once Renee pointed it out that I was actively doing something I said I’d never do. But, in my defense I also said I’d never eat shrimp or artichokes and yet, yesterday I ate them both in the same dip…and liked it. I find it wonderful that I am “doing” life right now. I have only been out a little over 3 weeks and I have fulltime work, clothes, 6 months paid rent, and by the end of December I will be 100% debt free with all legal fines paid in full.

Loving life, despite the excessive phone usage.

With Love

Ruth Utnage