With so much opposition and the free community silent I have to do a heart check. Am I wasting my time? Am I even doing the right thing? Am I making a difference?
I have to consider this question but I’ll be honest, I won’t dwell on it to long. My objective isn’t recognition. Sometimes I do need a heart check though. Am I still doing this for the right reasons? That’s my concern. Have I lost myself? 
I will say a simple prayer; God, keep me in Your shadow and on Your path. Let all light reflect back to You. Keep me humble, continue to show Your love through me. Amen.
That’s all that matters.
When you don’t get the kudos or the atta boys that keep your ego fed this is when your motives shine. This is when a pure heart is discovered. Love is loving someone even when they don’t love themselves or you. Love is unconditional support. I can say this at least, I’m loving those who dont even love themselves. I get snide remarks all the time about it. Little jabs from those around me, hinting that its difficult to be my friend when I’m surrounded by so many undesirable people. Undesirable to who? 
I’m doing the right thing, even though it makes me unpopular. I’m not going to stop showing support and legitimate human care to those around me, even when they won’t show it to themselves. They won’t go on believing that they’re not worth loving. They will be without excuse because someone they can see loved them, me. 

Don’t lose heart. Keep going, isn’t it worth it if just one person becomes a better person?
With Love
Jeff Utnage