Not to get morbid on anyone but I have a pretty good analogy here. Amputees, amputees miss their parts. Even though that part is gone, separate from the body, they still have phantom pains and sometimes even unconsciously try to move or use the missing…

The body of LGBT people is exactly the same. We are a singular body, like it or not. None of us asked for this, no matter how happy we are. No matter how lucky we may feel, and some of us do. As a group we function like any other entity. Interconnected and intertwined like a masterpiece. We operate best when every part is fully functional and healthy. 

When a toe gets hurt the whole body is slightly disabled, is it not? Knick your crack shaving and tell me if every part of you doesn’t know what uncomfortableness is. Even the crack matters!

So it is even more traumatic when entire pieces are missing. Separated from the whole. The piece dies and the body is never the same. It adjusts, sure, because its adaptable, but not in its original condition. (This in no way implies an actual person is not whole, beautiful, or in any way inferior should they be an actual amputee!)

We need and depend on one another for optimal performance. When one piece is doing its own thing, it can be detrimental to the rest of the body.

So let me apologize to the entire LGBT population and its many supporters for committing the offense I did, for not getting help sooner, for being so selfish. 

You are but one of many people(s) I owe sincere apologies to. Which given the opportunity I will make amends, at the very least. 

I know how hard it is to have someone around not acting right. I promise not to be that person. I have made changes within myself and I am out that selfish child anymore.

So to all my LGBT family, known and not known, I am hoping for a chance to prove I am a good person.

With Love
Jeff Utnage