All is dust

All is dust,
A desert storm,
obscuring my path.
You are beyond reach,
beyond sight.
Merely feet away,
yet lost to unnatural night.
Grasping I find you,
without form.
Shadows playing tricks,
mocking my famished heart.
Illusion stirring within mist,
resistance rises within me.
Fighting for clarity I backwards step,
I feel my focus shift.
Attachment falls away,
breath renews a gasping heart.
Night retreats from day,
sunlight brings no peace.
There is no healing here,
only space for another start.
This unmarked path without finish,
marked only by the stones of trust.
I shift my gaze from feet to horizon,
and smile finding only dust.

By James Cody Goodwin #764730 MCC TRU D-UNIT A-205-1