I remember when Jeff told me he was gay I laughed and said “yeah all guys in prison are GTR, gay til released”. I didn’t believe him at all.

Then he became REAL serious and said “no mom, I really am gay”. So I agreed with him only to put the subject to rest. And for quite some time that is exactly what I thought. That once he got out he would change back to straight Jeff.

I have finally come to realize the truth. My son is gay, and it doesn’t bother me a bit. Sure it took some getting used to. And I spent quite awhile going over my feelings on the subject asking myself how I really felt about it, only to come to the conclusion that it didn’t matter. It doesn’t change the fact that he is my son, it doesn’t make me love him anymore or less than I used to, and he seems happier to know that I know and accept him as he is.

He never struck me as being someone who was shy about talking about himself. And when I questioned him about why he couldn’t talk to me about it, he said he didn’t want to disappoint me or risk losing me. Not that he believed it, but he was still afraid I would reject him.

I love my son and whatever makes him happy is what I want for him. I still struggle with the ideals in church. So until I can find a church that accepts the fact that gay people ARE acceptable to God, I don’t go. It doesn’t change my relationship with God, only with organized religion.

I know you didn’t check his blog to hear from me, but we don’t want to leave you all hanging just because is emails are held up. So, you may hear from me again. I hope I haven’t kept you from anything fun to do. Just know that some parents accept their children without question and you may be surprised.

Jeff’s Mom