The world lost a good man recently. I knew him as Officer Schrum. He was an officer here at TRU. He was fair and professional and he did not tolerate anyone treating anyone unfairly or disrespectfully. He stood up to bullies. he never treated us in the L.G.B.T.Q. community as anything other then human beings. At the news of his death I personally witnessed several of my closest brothers and sisters within our community break down in tears.

In twenty two years of incarceration I have never seen so many incarcerated individuals so moved by the loss of an officer. 

We feel for his friends and relatives and wish them peace. It is amazing how one person can positively effect so many lives by simply treating them as human beings. No special treatment, just simple decency.

Who ever you are, where ever you are. If you are reading this please take a moment of silence in honor of a good man, Correctional Officer Steve Schrum, The world has been lessened by his departure.

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In solidarity
James Cody Goodwin

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Several of the other members of this prison support system asked to have their names added to this post as they feel the loss of Officer Schrum as well. So from Ruth/Jeff, Rory, Marshall & Christopher, as well as myself, Thank you for your service Officer Schrum, you will be missed.