So much more effort has been put in lately on criminal justice reform. Because of Covid, the system is showing the cracks and breakages that must be addressed from years of unaccounted for neglect. Prisons have been notoriously overcrowded for decades now, but because of the cracks and the need to repair them, a change has gotta come. So many tax dollars are being thrown away on a failing human warehousing system. But are you any safer? Knowing that 97% of inmates leave prison at some point, are they leaving better? What are you really getting in return for your tax dollar?

This is a focus that needs to be had. As the current legislation is making the changes needed to end the overcrowded warehouses, you, the public, need to be civically engaged and ensure your Representatives are doing the right thing by holding the system accountable to changing people for the better. Evidence based programming and education are two of the best ways to make a better citizen behind the walls of a prison. So while a needed change is gonna come to end warehousing, a change needs to come in accountability, also. We have the means to create better people, you just have to have the demand for it. Voice your opinion to the state legislature.

by Rory Andes

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