Remember when MTV played music videos nonstop, before The Real World? I used to watch Billy Joel, White Snake, and Michael Jackson impress upon my young mind new ways of life. We had television like Alf, Life Goes On, and The Wonder Years. Family Matters and Full House were still making new episodes and The Cosby Show was still featuring an ideal father.

The 80’s and 90’s were before meth gripped our nation and turned every isolated area into a potential chemistry disaster.

I’m not saying it was better. Just reminiscing on days past.

As a teen in the 90’s I had System of a Down, 2Pac, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, and Def Tones. The internet just hit my house, dial up. There was a point where we had to choose between phone calls and internet. If I wanted my friends attention I had to leave my house and…walk. Not just text.

For some the 90’s was full of opportunity and growth but for me it was darkness. I was never more unhappy. The music I have all but forgotten and almost never listen to it, I barely remember a single TV show, there was CSI, before it made me sick to my stomach to watch. Other than that…

I am excited by this generations music and TV. I like it better, its a sound and vibe I connect with. Artists like Drake and Cardi B, Saweetie and Mulatto speak to how I feel myself.

We are moving towards freedom and equality. It needs to happen. I know how uncomfortable it is and folks are going to have to give up some powerful ground, hand it over to others. I used to say that doing the right thing is hard. It’s actually not hard, it’s easy. Doing the right thing is easy.

I’ve done the wrong thing and I’ve done the right thing. The right thing is so much easier. I like that the racial divide is getting extensive media coverage and politics is leaving such a bad taste in peoples mouths that party borders are being built so high that no one can get in anymore. Eventually they’ll be so exclusive they will be nonexistent.

Good, Republicans and Democrats are the 2 largest threats to our national freedom than any gang or terrorist group. Just my opinion…

Remember the Gulf War? They made memorabilia cards, like collectible baseball cards…for the war Operation Desert Storm…lol, collectible cards…what was wrong with us?

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With Love
Ruth Utnage