I like visits and I don’t get nearly enough of them. Visits are connections to people that I enjoy and appreciate, not to mention they help keep me and anyone else who gets them grounded in reality. I think you should come visit me in prison and I have five reasons why, here they are:

1. I’m fun! I promise you’ll have a great time, just imagine sitting in a room and meeting someone new on a Saturday afternoon, laughing, having a good time for a few hours. Or, you can sit at home and not meet someone new.

2. New experience! Live a little, its an extremely safe environment and I promise you will not regret the experience.

3. Helping your community. Inmate visits are the single most important tool to help counterbalance the psychological effects of incarceration. This means I will have an easier time adjusting to society upon release which lessens the burden on the community.

4. You will feel appreciated. Do you ever feel as though people aren’t thankful enough? They don’t need to grovel at your feet but at least say thank you when you do something nice, come feel appreciated and let me show your value.

5. I can lift you up. Everyone needs a boost, you won’t have to try with me. Show up in Sunday sweats with matted hair for all I care or come in a tuxedo or evening gown, either way I can make you feel like a million bucks.

Face your fears, gain new perspectives, live a little and….help me feel human again. I’d appreciate it. Oh and its free, unless you want to buy me ice cream. Signing up is easy and free. 

You can sign up online for visitations at www.doc.wa.gov/corrections/incarceration/visiting.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

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DOC: 823469
Name: Utnage, Jeff (though I am legally Ruth)