Rehabilitation for prisoners is a communial effort. It is not always so simple as lock them up and when they are ready to reform they will find the tools that they need to do so. Everyone in the world has done something illegal and against the standards of society. Hence the term ‘skeletons in the closet’, everyone has them…what are yours?

In here we have lots of potential for support. Not everyone who works for DOC is a person who cares about our rehabilitation. In fact when I got to Stafford Creek one of the first things I heard from a person I have to deal with regularly is “I am not your friend”. With this kind of mentality we are left to deal with ourselves on our own. It is made abundantly clear to all of us that rehabilitation is our sole responsibility. Some make it, some don’t.

I don’t necessarily disagree with the belief that my future is up to me, in fact, I would completely agree with that. Truth be told, no one is going to stop me fom being a productive citizen, my past mistakes are horrible, but does that mean that I have to live like that forever? Does that mean that any of you would want that? NO! You want me to “recover”, you need me to be rehabilitated, not for just mine or your sakes, but because it’s the right thing to do. 

None of us are defined completely by our mistakes. We make mistakes and then we learn from them. What then can you do? What is your responsibility? 

There are men and women in prison who are utterly convinced that they want to be better people, then we reach out to those nearest to us. Staff, family, friends etc. What we are looking for isnt handouts, but support. We need your encouragement and your love. We need to express gratitude and affection and humility. Not everyone in here is going to be reachable, some prisoners just want to waste away in themselves…there’s just not alow we can do about them, but realistically, they are fewer then you think.

Many men just dont know how to take the first step, we need someone to simply tell us “you got this, it’s going to be ok”. For me personally, my goals in life are to be a waiter in a bar or restaurant and to just interact with people. My dreams consist of waiting tables and drawing portraits, maybe someday i’ll be able to get my work into the Smithsonian Portrait gallery?! Here’s hoping! We all have dreams and goals, fid the people that are ready to achieve them on their own and simply need a little smile while we journey. 

Your smiles and support could mean the difference between a life in prison and instability or positive success. We make the choices and it sure would be nice if someone else felt we were worth the effort.

Thank You!