There are many types of Christian’s out there. Just like there are many types of Muslim’s. Often when there is some sort of Jihadist attack anywhere in the world many Muslim’s cringe at the backlash that comes back at them fo the actions of someone else.

The reality of the situation is that one sect of religion doesn’t speak for or dictate all other sects. It’s unfortunate that the Muslim’s, which are traditionally peacable and non-violent, are taking the brunt of bias attitudes and passive forms of discrimination. But they aren’t the only ones. 

The Christian believer today, unfortunately, comes in many forms and types. They can be hard to decipher. We have T.V. evangelicals and preachers of all shapes, sizes, personalities and sects telling us all kinds of mixed messages. One preacher teaches grace, another the law. Then yet another might teach both. 

I have funneled most of them into two categories. Two types of Christians. I am going to use the term ‘Christian’ loosely because a Christian traditionally is kind-hearted, patient, caring, loving, generous and forgiving. The term Christian means; one who follows Christ. This means that you follow the teaching of Christ, with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength. If you don’t do this, then you are not a Christian, you are something else.

The two types I have experienced are as follows: 1) those who believe it’s ok to 
outcast, seperate and hate for the sake of Christ and 2) those who believe that you must love all.

The two are easy to differentiate. One will be accepting of homosexuals as they are right now, not for the men or women that they could be if they repented. The other will simply hate them. Or outcast them, or preach that God thinks they are abominations and will burn in hell fire. One teaches acceptance and the other teaches intolerance.

When God called me to his bosom I was not a good man. I wasnt perfect by any means, I was actually in the process of being the worst human being imaginable. No one was going to call me out of that mindset. When God called me He extended His love to me right where I was at. Do you understand that? Imagine this: just picture God above you with His hand extended downward to help you out of the situation or place your in. He’s not judging you or angry with you or impatient with you, He simply waits for you to grab ahold of His hand and let Him pull you to safety and love. His place doesn’t change for us, He stays right where He is…He pulls us to His level through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Even Homo-sexuals, especially homo-sexuals.

You have the right to worship God and Jesus Christ in every church in every state. Grab a friend, lover, relative or any supporter who understands and go to church. Hand in hand and worship God the Father and the Son in happiness and peace. Dont let the awful hatred of Satan that has infected our beautiful God’s childred infect you by not going anymore. All they can do is hate verbally. PAy them no mind…


Your Brother in Chains

Jeff Utnage, as always feel free to contact.