Ways To Contact/Ways To Help:

Here are the available ways to contact me:

Email through jpay.com (the only DOC approved email service)
*go to jpay.com enter my name or DOC number which is Jeff Utnage 823469 and purchase stamps to email me. They are fairly cheap and cost less then the cost of a regular stamp. Its also the fastest way currently.

USPS (snail mail)
* you can write by using this address:

Jeff Utnage 823469
Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

I still very much enjoy getting a letter and I feel that handwriting a letter is becoming a lost art. I don’t take letters sent to me lightly and appreciate them very much because of the time involved.

of course there is always the telephone, however that costs 3.20 a call. I simply cannot afford that, unless I call collect, which I can do, but it still costs you the same. Besides, it’s been so long since I was on the phone that I have lost most of my phone skills, I’d sound like a brambling idiot!

Ways To Help:

Support comes in many forms. A letter or email is beautiful and helps to make us feel connected to the world, in fact, positive human contact is perhaps the single most effective tool for lowering our recidivism rates. (Hang around the people that you want to be like and you will eventually absorb their positive qualities.)

However, many people understandably have too much on their plates as it is. The time factor is a big deal. There is a little thing called life that you are all living out there. So there is other ways to help. For instance, books!

I love books and they are a great way to help. You can buy them cheap through amazon.com or other book retailers and have them sent directly to me.

DOC has some guidelines that must be followed here they are: 1) they must be new 2) they have to come directly from a retailer (they cant come from a residence or non-book retailer business) they have to come directly from the book company i.e. amazon.com bargain books or other nationally recognized book retailers.

I read all kinds of things. I am trying to learn all I can about the history of LGBTQ, things like the Stonewall riots and the history of drag. I also love gay fiction. I have a long list of wish list books I would love to read like:

The Danish Girl
Madam Butterfly
Glamourpuss by Christain McLaughlin
Sea of Tranquility by Paul Russell

I want to read anything that has some substance for me, I like educational books, self help books, I need a 2015 Strong concordance. I don’t know the latest in gay fiction so if you enjoyed a book and think that I would enjoy it also send it to me! I will read it, then I will donate it to the prison library system for everyone to enjoy…its a great support.

until next time…