Do you have any really flamboyant friends. The kind that swish and sway and flail their hands and arms and are limp wristed. You know, the really fun ones! I love them. Unfortunately not everyone agrees with that thought process. I am beginning to see a real pattern with a friend of mine.

Local staff is just flat out out to get him. He is funny and very shifty, the only way to put it. So, of course, that opens the door for staff to conspire and UA him. They have no grounds to do so accept for the notion that they are looking for what is responsible for making him…him. They are unsure what to do about him and what to do that will get him away from them. They don’t really care about his well-being, but they do care about not having him around them. He’s not even doing anything wrong, he’s simply just flailing out, and not in the drug sense.

All I can do is sit back and watch as they come at him with accusation after accusation. It’s become pitiful at this point. Like some weird last ditch effort to throw everything they got at him. Anything to prove that he is an enemy. Then, they’ll come to me (someone who most of them get along with very well and we have come to have the best possible professional inmate to staff relationship possible) who is much more tame and less the in-your-face flamboyancy, and they’ll ask me about him and try to get intel on his secret dealings with other inmates. 

Only one problem, he’s not doing anything! He has lots of followers and people that want in his pants. They call him “girl” and feminize his name and call him by female pronouns. He tries to be polite about it because he is not transgendered and very much just a gay male. Many men here do the same thing to me as well, they will say things like “damn gurl, you got a fat ass” and then whistle or something. So naturally because that’s the best pick up line ever ( YUCK!) I get very upset with them and let them know it. But my friend does not, he doesnt want to hurt their feelings and as a result, he gets lots of attention from some very sordid characters. Which reflects poorly on him.

And besides him being profiled because he’s gay, he refuses to segregate himself. He has been warned numerous times that if he would only talk to people that are his skin color he wouldn’t have any problems. If the gay white guys stick with the gay white guys staff pays less attention to them. Also, when an african american homosexual mainly talks with his own race they tend to draw less attention to himself. This is flat out segregation and it’s being pushed on us like it’s some sort of religion. 

Why is this man being targeted blatently because he is just himself. Ok, maybe a little burnt out from years on the streets, but he’s still a real sweetheart with some real potential.

Instead of helping him, they are isolating him putting him in further danger and thus endangering all homosexuals on this compound. By making it ok to target one, gangs in here don’t stop there because they need a common enemy, and now staff is making that enemy me and my fellow homo-sexuals. I guess not it makes sense why they keep ignoring my please for a LGBTQ Support Group…that would go against the current plan of action which is isolate, target and put in harms way.

Thank God for His mercy and grace. God has put people around me that care for me and keep me on the straight and narrow. I am so glad I at least have God.

Your Friend

Jeff Utnage